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          Furthermore, the RE Department strive to support pupils on their own faith journey. We encourage them to reflect on their personal relationship with God and recognise the value of faith in other world religions. 学生们 are encouraged to make links between the teaching and traditions of the Catholic faith and their everyday actions and decisions. We aim to challenge and inspire pupils to become religiously literate by giving them opportunities to put their faith in action. The language of story and narrative, doctrine, liturgy and morality is firmly embedded within our KS3 Curriculum, enabling pupils to think ethically and theologically. This is continued into KS4 in which pupils learn about the intricacies of Catholic Christianity and spend 25% of the course studying Judaism. We are excited to be offering Philosophy & Ethics at A Level for the first time, which is seeing our pupils develop into religiously literate and mature young adults. See 信仰在行动 (link) for our Core 回覆 offering for the 网易彩票官网.


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